SPACE.NK.apothecary started out as a concept store in London’s bustling Covent Garden shopping district. A ground-breaking boutique – which boasted one of London’s original juice bars – it was among the first of its kind, selling beautifully crafted designer clothing and accessories alongside a considered range of wellness and beauty products. ‘For me, beauty is a natural extension of fashion,’ explains SPACE.NK founder Nicky Kinnaird. ‘Makeup and hair trends start on the catwalk and skincare needs to be approached from the inside out as well the outside in.’

With her unparalleled ability to single out burgeoning retail trends, it’s not surprising that Nicky’s carefully sourced and expertly curated mix of beauty and wellbeing lines proved to be ahead of its time and thus, enormously successful. Skip forward to the present day and SPACE.NK.apothecary has morphed into an internationally respected brand, with an extensive online emporium, 62 stores across the UK and Ireland and 22 in the United States. The key to our global success is still the same core philosophy that underpinned that very first London store – to offer a highly edited selection of the finest, most innovative products sourced from all over the world.

(Write-up and images courtesy of SPACE.NK.apothecary)

Units 15 Telford Way East Acton London W3 7XS


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