GR Luxury

GR Luxury is a purveyor of fine watches in Singapore, we strive to provide outstanding services to watch connoisseurs. Managed by watch collectors with years of experience and vast international networks, we are able to offer you valuable advice on the watches you desire, and supply them at great prices to you.

Our services include:

• Buying-Whether it is a watch or a large collection, we are discreet and pay top dollars for your watches.

• Selling - We are able to assist you if you would like to consign your watches for sale, our experts can advise you on the market price and help you convert your watches to cash.

• Authentication And Appraisal - Our watch experts have been buying and selling for over 20 years, with our trained eyes, we can advise you on the authenticity of your watch, as well as its market value.

• Service And Repair - Whether it is regular maintenance or repair, we will provide you an estimate, before our technicians commence work on your watches.

(Write-up and images courtesy of GR Luxury)

Mandarin Gallery #03-29, 333A Orchard Road, Singapore 238897

WEBSITE ( sales enquiries)

Tel: +65 6836 5515 (boutique)

Editor's Note

At this moment this boutique watch store tucked in a rather oblivious corner of Singapore's luxurious Mandarin Gallery needs to give more shout-outs to boost its clientele numbers and achieve greater awareness. Inaction by something good going unnoticed remains, well, unnoticed.