At Boticca, we believe that one should buy a product with a story, one that you will value and treasure for years to come. That’s why we’ve created a curated global marketplace that connects independent designers and makers with customers around the world, enabling you to shop the world, seamlessly and with ease, without leaving home. Through our stories, we share the passions, techniques, and journeys of our designers and their creations, so you can be sure that every purchase is a unique and delightful one.

Boticca’s own story began when our CEO & founder Kiyan met a talented designer in Marrakech called Myriam. She told him the story of how she grew up in a village in the Atlas mountains, making jewellery for herself, then for her mother and finally via word-of-mouth, her business spread to other women in her own and neighboring villages. That is when Myriam decided to commute daily to the Medina in Marrakech to sell her pieces to local tourists. Boticca was thus born to allow talented designers with stories like Myriam’s to sell their pieces to customers all over the world..

(Write-up and images courtesy of Boticca)

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